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Mini Excavator Features

  • Excavator boom swings from left to right - optional upgrade

  • Hydraulic pilot servo operation system

  • Steel or rubber track

  • Telescopic track frame

  • Compact and light with a small turning radius

  • Open cabin with canopy

  • Free hydraulic thumb and Auxiliary hydraulics on every excavator!

Measurements, like Reach, are from the end of the cab instead of the center post like most manufacturers. We've listed the specifications to give you more precise representation so you know what to expect.

Boom Swing Mini Excavator Details

GroundHog KH14G    starting at $9900


Track Length48"

Track to Blade54"

Height7' 2"

Max Reach8' 3"

Max Dump Height5' 2"

Max Lift Height6' 4"

Operating Weight Rubber Tracks 2100 lbs

Operational Weight Steel Tracks 2700 lbs

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Hydraulic Thumb

4 Post ROPS


Rear Counterweight

Blade with edge and Curl Protection

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