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The ZH25D-2 is a compact excavator with a diesel Kubota engine. It has features of name brand equipment while also keeping economics in mind.


  1. Kubota engine, 14.1kw, Euro 5/EPA

  2. Standard brand pump

  3. Standard brand valves

  4. EATON brand slewing motor

  5. EATON brand driving motor

  6. Open cabin (Canopy)

  7. Hydraulic pilot controls

  8. Rubber track: 230mm

  9. Bucket capacity: 0.07m²

  10. Telescopic track frame (optional)


We include a free hydraulic thumb and auxiliary hydraulics on every excavator unit!

ZH25D-2 Excavator Details

Reach is measured from the end of the cab rather than the center section as most manufacturers do. We try to provide the product's measurements list based on our understanding as accurately as possible to set your expectations.

Machine Size

Overall Dimension (L*W*H)12'8"x5'5"x7'5"

Axle Base (Track Length on Ground)4'

Track Gauge2' 8"

Min. Ground Clearance8"

Swing Radius at Tail3' 8"


Emission Standard EURO 5/EPA

Engine Kubota

Model D1105

Power25 HP - 3200 rpm

Number of Cylinders3

Track System

Maximum Travel Speed3.5 km/h

Width of Track Shoe (Rubber & Steel Track)9"

Number of Track Shoes per Side (Steel Track Only)38 pcs

Number of Upper Rollers/Bottom Rollers (per Side)0/4

Performance Parameter

Standard Bucket Capacity0.06 m3

Swing Speed10-12 rpm

Max. Grade Ability35°

Max Bucket Digging Force14 KN

Max. Arm Digging Force10 KN

Hydraulic System Pressure21.5 Mpa

Machine Weight4300 lbs

Working Range

Max. Digging Height12' 2"

Max. Dumping Height8'

Max. Digging Depth7' 10"

Max. Digging Radius13' 3"

Min. Swing Radius5'3"

Max. Lifting Height of Blade9"

Max. Cutting Depth of Blade11"

Boom Swing Angle (Left) *Boom Swing is Optional Feature*75°

Boom Swing Angle (Right) *Boom Swing is Optional Feature*45°

Machine Size

Overall Dimension (L*W*H)11'8"x4'3"x7'6"

Axle Base (Track Length on Ground)4'

Track Gauge2' 6"

Min. Ground Clearance6"

Swing Radius at Tail2' 2"

Track System

Maximum Travel Speed4 km/h

Width of Track Shoe9"

Number of Track Shoes per Side38 pcs

Number of Upper Rollers per Side1

Number of Bottom Rollers per Side3

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